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Excerpt from the "Blender Brunch Guide"
Blenders™ for the pure pleasure of business, personal, and social networking

1. Don't forget to RSVP

2. The gift should be appropriate for the type of person you would to give it to.(eg. If a woman is looking for business contacts, she would choose a unisex "business gift"... if a man looking to meet a compatable woman, he would bring a gift that reflects his personality and thoughtfulness toward a woman's interests.)

3. Include INSIDE the gift packaging your name, and a phone number you feel comfortable giving out. (a work number, or business card for instance) in such a way that it can't be read until opened.

4. E-mail me at Party Central your "Blender Ad" (max 100 words) describing the type of person your gift is intended for... the same way you'd write a classified ad in a newspaper.. stating the kind of person you are hoping will receive your gift and how you think your gift would please that type of person.. for example:

  • it could be that you are looking for some one help you with a business project - describe that person and be creative reflect your business opportunity in the gift.
  • It could be that you are looking for a date for next Thursday's concert - describe "your type of person" in your Blender Ad, and make your gift something like a ticket or tape of band you'll be seeing.
  • It could be you are just looking for a companion to go cross country skiing or jogging with - in which case you should describe the skill or fitness level required of them and make your gift some ski wax, a sweatband or sport related item.
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