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ISSUE 4 To protect the names and reputations
of the innocent (and not so innocent)
names, dates and locations have
been purged from the Blender documents...

Originally intended for a local audience only -
Party Network Central News is now provided
as an example of real
Blender Parties and how they were created... ENJOY!

Well, Folks, you rose to the occasion, and the "Blender Party" phenomenon has taken hold of people's imagination!

I am delighted to report that in 5 short weeks, I have witnessed a complete transformation, from the suspicious attitudes of "what is he trying to sell me?" or "I don't want to go to a place where I don't know anyone"... to some of the comments written in the guestbook over the past few weeks- "Good for you! More people should be like you. It was a pleasure" -Nancy "Excellent as Usual" -Francesco "Always a pleasure to share your company Phil-eep! Needless to say - your Ashdown Soirées have become a must-do event.. Such culture and diversity under one roof!" -Eric "I had a great time meeting everyone!" -Daniela "Philip you have really outdone yourself tonight! You are the Party King!" - Alicia "I came, I saw, I drank and created! It was great!" -Lue "It was a great party, highly recommended!" -Naomi "Great Blender Party, but I'm waiting for the Tupperware!" -Cindy "Loved it! Will do it again and again! ('till they throw me out!)" -Heather

The excuse to dress up, go out, meet new people, share a drink with others and let personalities bloom in a friendly environment has apparently caught the town by storm!

Half Expected (and encouraged) results...
Although the host and blender promoter had an alterior motive from the beginning... (to meet some interesting people in the town who might in turn introduce him to their social life) ...the Benefits of Blending have befallen a couple of couples since he started the mixing madness. These fledgeling flyers will remain un-named for the protection of their innocence, but suffice to say I've had a few heart warming (and heart breaking) thank-you's for kick-starting their engines!

With success comes exclusivity.. for the next Blender Party you must have personally RSVP'd to attend . Although the last party was a HUGE success, it was also a HUGE party. Those of you who had the courtesy to let me know that you were going to show up or couldn't make it for various reasons, it really helped in the preparations designed for your ultimate enjoyment! However, this time we are going to be more exclusive in who we let up, (Restricted to those who have seen the invitation, know the dress code and have made an effort to contribute to the party theme) So we're going to look for your name or the name of the person who invited you on the faxed RSVP lists. If you have already RSVP'd, then don't worry about arriving with more people than you originally thought... because everyone's welcome... we just want to know who referred you!

... passing the torch
The Blender on the 20th was another critical success. The party network is growing because YOU are bringing friends and associates to blend and have fun.
If you didn't make it to any of the past 4 parties (2 theme, 2 blenders) I encourage you to kick yourself ahead of time if you plan to miss this next one. Be a Blender Attender ... I'll give you the directions, entry code and arrival time when you call (or return to you by fax) Hopefully, you'll become an early adopter of the Blender Tradition!


You all look FABULOUS in the photos taken at the Blender last Friday.. They'll be in an album for you to look at again this Friday!

Blender Party RSVP Voice Mail: (000) 000-0000
Tel/Fax: (000) 000-0000

Hands appear to snap up fabulous Chocolate Covered Strawberries Custom Made for the Blender Party Attenders by
Sabriane and Wilma of DellaSil Fancy Chocolates,
629 Corydon, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada tel: (204) 475-3787

Everyone brings something to a Blender!
  • an electric blender (if you don't have one, others will bring them, but call ahead and check!)
  • your favourite fruit, syrups, and mixers
  • alcohol (or non-alcoholic) drinks
  • a recipe idea or two (write it down so it can go in the book)
  • party snacks, a dip or some other edible stuff
  • those little drink umbrellas, balloons or cherries
  • small plastic glasses (to share your creation with everyone)
  • ICE!

Remember Please,
No Blue Jeans & No Beer at Blenders!
and don't forget to RSVP
your host so they know you're coming!


Blender Attender™ Blender Party™, Blender Party Phone Card ™ and Blender Brunch™ are Trademarks of Blender Brands. World wide network franchises available. Ask your local Blender Attender Party Consultant. Blender is a profitable concept for the promotion of Public Social Health - used under license from © 1996,1997, 1999, 2002

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