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New Concept Blender Brunch™

Blenders™ for the pure pleasure of business, personal, and social networking

OK Folks, there's been some confusion out there...

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this a party?
It's really more of a "party game" held during a casual get-together over brunch, leaving the rest of the day to have fun with your new friends!

Why do I have to give a gift?
Because that's how you contribute to the game. The gift is a reflection of the kind of person you are... you figure it out. The dollar amount is only a guide... you could also make something of value... and for those of you who worry about this sort of thing, don't worry-everyone also "gets" a gift!

But I don't have time to get a gift for someone I don't knowBecause that is also part of the game. Those who invest a little effort and thoughtfulness in their contribution to the game will probably reap the rewards. Those who just want to see what they can take from the situation will probably get what they deserve.

What about age and gender?
Instead of lying about ages, I suggest they not be mentioned... we'll be in the same room after all! But I wouldn't suggest lying about gender or sexual preferences (if that's what your ad is about) because no one wants the embarrassment of misunderstood objectives!

Is this just people looking for a mate?
Not at all... Blender Brunches are whatever you make them... for business networking, expanding your circle of friends, trying to find someone to play cards or go skiing with. Of course if you are single and interested in meeting people you'd probably never meet otherwise, what a great "nopressure face-to-face situation" to see how people act in a mixed social environment!

What if no one choose my Blender Ad and gift?
First of all, they won't know what the gift is until everyone has chosen, and who judges a book by its cover anyway? It might turn out that the most interesting ad is connected to a crummy gift and the most pathetic ad is written by a great gift giver! Who knows?.. and anyway, you're here for mystery, brunch and fun!

What if I don't like or want to meet the person behind the gift?
Is's up to you... No names are mentioned in the Blender Ads and only you and the giver will know who the gift is from. If you're not having fun, just keep quiet or leave the restaurant.. if it's a romantic ad and gift in question, this is a whole lot safer then a blind date! Just Ignore!

Can I Bring Friends?
Absolutely. The more the merrier and fun.. However, as there are no "spectators" to this game, everyone has to participate by RSVPing and bring their as and gift to be printed up in the Blender Brunch Newsletter. So copy the RSVP/Blender Ad form and have your friends send in their own!

This is all to complicated for me!
Whew, I'm glad we found out sooner than later! May I suggest telephone personals or hanging around in bars and street corner's.

If you're having trouble explaining the Blender Brunch concept to friends, or are stuck on adetail yourself, call me at 000-0000, leave a voicemail message and I'll try to help out...

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