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F-Pro™ (Freelance Professionals™) is an organization of published professionals in photography, print, video, and other media-related fields.
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Current Assignment: Various NGO's and Media Organizations involved in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Kyoto) in Montreal Canada. December 2005
For Freelance Professionals.


F-Pro: Freelance Professionals™

F-Pro™ (Freelance Professionals™)

F-Pro provides a forum for members to exchange information on upcoming news and media events, as well as a means to promote their work. F-Pro also serves as a point of departure for discussion on issues important to today's freelance media professional.

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F-Pro™ (Freelance Professionals) is open to individuals involved in freelance communicationsactivities anywhere in the world.

Out of the thousands of browsers of F-Pro sites, we have received hundreds of responses fromqualified freelancers who want to take their profession to the next logical step,by "multiplying" the awareness and access to what they uniquely have to offer.

We hope you enjoy your time browsing through our network, for our intention is to discoverand promote the best and the brightest that the world of freelance communications professionalshas to offer.

In response to Journalistic concerns around the world regarding online privacy and tracking, Freelance Professionals encourages members to explore the options offered by FREEDOMaster. You are free to "Trek, Travel & Trade, without being Tracked". You can purchase individual components or the entire FREEDOMaster Suite™ of Privacy Services from World Citizen Service (ONLY AVAILABLE TO REGISTERED MEMBERS)

Many browsers have asked "how do I become associated with Freelance Professionals?"- the answer is, by -
Assisting in spreading the F-Pro message around the world though programs like Free MONEY MAGNETS
"Earning" your acceptance by being published or "selling yourself" into the organization, (just as you would a potential client).
and finally - Networking with your local F-Pro affiliate, F-Pro specialist or one of the people through this site.
How? Try describing how your freelance activities, methods or ideas would benefit everyone involved, and answer the questions for our next guidebook.

F-Pro is being designed to serve what is emerging as the most powerful force in world communications...the content producers of the next millenia... Professionals of Change™ the realFreelance Professionals™.

We'd love to hear from you, so if you contact us, ( to use the Freedom Network ...) make sure you let us know:

  • your physical location in the world,
  • a brief description of your current status as a freelancer
  • and the nature of your interest in Freelance
    Professionals (F-Pro).


    Freelance Professionals™ (F-Pro, Inc.)
    The International Organization of Independent Image and Information Producers

    Let us know more about yourself and your interest in F-Pro, please Email us and tell us aboutyou.

    A wonderful freelance cartoonist , Pascal Elie has perfectly summarized the need for the F-Pro™ organization
    see the "pigiste"(freelancer) a large file, but worth it

    F-Pro member, international photojournalist and specialist in adventure photography, J.P. Mac lives the F-Pro™ life...see hisF-Pro in Chiapas, Mexico memberfolio!

    FREEworld(tm) After enjoying this site,
    ( Federation of Responsible & Ethical Entities.)